Art as a bridge for Peace

International relations for Peace


For a better understanding of the two nations Israel and Germany, the organization IARTEXPO has a special offer!


For about 8-10 days, groups of young Germans (till the age of 18 years) have the opportunity getting to know Israel.

They will travel through the country for learning about Israel in every aspect.


The young Germans will visit one of the oldest cities Yafo (about 5000 years), Tiberias and Safed (two of the 4 Holy Cities).

They also will learn something about the modern achievements by visiting the Weizman Institute (a center of science and a symbol for close working together of the two nations nowadays) in Rehovot.


By travelling through the old city with its 4 principal quarters (4 religions) of Jerusalem the group will see e.g. the oriental market, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the rock (Golden Dome) and a part of the Western wall (Wailing wall) in the Moslem Quarter. In the Jewish Quarter they will see e.g. the burnt house (from the first century), the Jewish market, the Jerusalem´s ruins and the famous Synagogue.

Here (like every other city in Israel) the young people can experience several parts, for all different ethnic or religious groups in the country are living traditinally in their own quarters.

There are different colors of skin, various religious groups, all coming from every country of the world to Israel at very different times.

For this, there are e.g. about 70 different languages, 15 newspapers in different languages.

All these groups are living in the same city peacefully!


A visit in Abu Gosh, a Chechen Moslem city, shows a traditional good relationship to the Jewish people.

There the group is able to enjoy an oriental dinner.


A special place for religion and Peace is the Bahai Center in Haifa. With its famous garden it is a part of the world heritage list.

It is a special place for the idea of developing a world of Peace in the future!


For information about the present political situation, the young people will visit Quneitra, an old Syrien city, now belonging to Israel, as a part of the annexed land of the Golan Heights.

For having some fun, there will be a camp fire and the possibility for learning some Israeli´s folklore songs.


Of course the most important part of the journey is showing Yad Vashem (with the two main parts - the museum and the memorial region) to the Germans.

It is the famous Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, a place for showing, remembering and commemorating, what has happened to the Jewish people during the time of the Nazi regime!


Tel Aviv Yafo offers several interesting possibilities. It is the biggest Bauhaus town of the world, several museums are available and attractions like the flea market are to see.

A special experience here is the night scenery!

This famous international city is also well known for being a melting pot!

Especially here it can be seen, how the different ethnic and religious groups (living here traditionally or immigrated) slowly began to develop a common Israeli culture.


Of course there will also be free time in Tel Aviv!



These all are proposals, not a fixed plan! With every group it is possible to create individual amendments!

E.g. interesting places like Bethlehem, Nazareth or the Dead See are possible for visiting too.


For IARTEXPO is a nonprofit organization, the prize for such a journey is a rather low one, comparing to normal travelling agencies!


As you are interested, please contact the organization IARTEXPO!


We are looking forward to welcome you in our country!




If you want a better world for your children, my fight is your fight.

If you want a fresh air to breathe, my fight is your fight.

If you want the right to live in peace, in what is yours, my fight is your fight.

If you want to love your God, in freedom, my fight is your fight.

Finally... There is no I or you... There is, in fact, a dream. That needs to be seen by every human being, without distinctions. We want the same things. We have the same dreams. We burn in the same fire. Where there is injustice, the cry goes up, the skin is white, Red, black or yellow. Where the pain is, cries the whole of humanity.

That is respected my way of singing. Because I respect your... That would be the only law lucid.

The music is the same, because we are all children of the same father and same mother. They taught us. But slowly she bled out of our ears... She was still in the chicanery, she was the mother's lullaby. Because we're the same belly, even though scattered, lost, even in war.

The cure is welcome to all. If a day comes...

We're all sick.

Dying of heartbreak.


* Mary alternative medicine *