Art as a bridge for Peace




IARTEXPO is an international art exhibit and show,


IARTEXPO is a non profit organization, operated by members of the community, giving back by sponsoring events for senior artists and community nearby.

IARTEXPO features works from Israeli and Palestinian artists hanging next to famous international artists , from all over the world -- all available for purchase.

IARTEXPO  is indeed a melting pot of talents from around the world, and all means of expression.

IARTEXPO unites us all on a peace project.

IARTEXPO – making the dream of peace - my dream, our dream – a reality.


IARTEXPO is a professional and cultural organization, which explores and promotes contemporary artists from home and abroad, based on the idea that the language of Art is Universal.

IARTEXPO includes painting, photography, sculpture, video installation, etc...


Based in Jaffa's Art Center IARTEXPO offers the best available place for exhibit and shows in the country.  It is aimed at establishing a Fair platform for art service and communications.  IARTEXPO helps establish connections with fellow artists from all over the world and welcomes contemporary ART AND CULTURE. 


IARTEXPO is an organization for Peace and Helping.

For art alone is not able to create Peace alone.

Therefore doing further social activities and activities about understanding of people(s) for Peace.