Art as a bridge for Peace

For to Exhibit

To participate:



To participate Artist or Gallery have to do a submission to our jury and to pay, non refundable Submission fees. 

Submission fees are 150  Israel New Shequel = 30 € in today rate change, to pay via PayPal to:, for  artist.

For Gallery 350 Israeli's New Shequels = 70 € in today rate change, to pay via PayPal to:,   Gallery ( means < 6 Artists ).

Individual artists should send a CD or USB/dok/Pendrive with at least 6 pictures of artwork they would like to present to our jury committee.  The jury will then select 2 pictures from each artist, and inform the artist within 24 hours of the chosen artwork.

The Gallery is responsible for the artists it represents and exhibit. -You may have the help of our Committee.

You will have to send the CD or USB /SD/DOK/Pendrive to:


Habanim 25


Israel 45268.

( If you want back your CD or DOK you have to send a prepaid envelope for the return! ).
There is a submission form that you will receive shortly.