Art as a bridge for Peace

Social Activities

First aim of IARTEXPO   Art as a Bridge for Peace   in all activities is the struggle for creating a peaceful world!

Not dependent on status, nationality, faith, color etc.


For Art alone is not able to create Peace, other activites are be done by IARTEXPO.


In first way the organization is supporting poor people of the origin region, "THE HOLY LAND"!


This means:

Most help is given to Israeli and Palestinensian people.

But everyone can ask for help, whenever and wherever it is needed!


Every individual case is proved carefully!

Is help possible? In which way it can be done? 

(e.g. giving food, utility articles for living and working, money  or by giving advices)


This kind of social working is possible in each region, where members of IARTEXPO are active in this way!


A very important point is supporting children for best education and living in Peace and Harmony with each other.

(For this, please look at the next side of the page too!)