Art as a bridge for Peace



Welcome to our site.

IARTEXPO, is an international art exhibit and show.
Was founded in 2011 by Jacques Banne.
It is a professional and cultural organization, which explores and promotes contemporary artists from around the world. It is based on the idea that art is a Universal language.
IARTEXPO includes painting, photography, sculpture, video-art … and more.
IARTEXPO is aimed at establishing a Fair platform for art service and communications.


One of our places:

Hangar 2 is an exhibit art area, 1400square meters, but also the most event venue in Tel-Aviv Yaffo. (wedding near the sea shore and summer events in the Ch. Chlore  gardens.IARTEXPO IS A NOT FOR PROFIT organization, members of the community, giving back by sponsoring events for  seniors and community organization.IARTEXPO is an Art  experience with aslmost 2001 M2  including plein-air space of creativity, featuring work from Israelis and Palestinians artists hanging next to famous  interntional artist , from all over the world -- all  available for purchase. It is indeed a melting pot of talents from all over the world, all walks of life and all means of expression.